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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

The 36th MASC category winning songs are listed below. Grand prize, Young Artists and other special awards will be announced at the MASC Awards Show on January 19. More info and tickets here
(HM = Honorable Mention)

The 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Award Recipients

Adult Contemporary

Gold — Heart Just Like Mine Jean Bayou

Silver — If We Come Too Late Heather Aubrey Lloyd

Finalist — Hangin' On Jillian J.P. Matundan

Finalist — Tuesday Morning Sun Sharon Goldman

HM — April's Fool Barry Geldzahler and Kevin Fisher

HM — It's All On You (The Supervillain Song) Chris Titchner

HM — Towards the Back of a Railcar Crosby Cofod

HM — Two Kinds of People Juliana MacDowell

HM — Wild Woman Calista Garcia



Gold — Suicide Sal Karen Jonas

Silver — Weeds Where The Flowers Of Love Once Grew David Morris and Chris Dockins

Finalist — All Those Things Juliana MacDowell

Finalist — When the Rain Annalyse McCoy, Ryan Dunn and Lincoln Foley Schofield

Finalist — 6 Weeks in Nashville Stacy Antonel

HM — Magdalene Karyn Oliver

HM — Must Be The Devil Chris Titchner

HM — My Work Here Ain't Yet done Georgie Mauler

HM — Oklahoma Lottery Karen Jonas

HM — One Night, One World (July 20, 1969) Joe McGavin, Eulane Mellon and Paul Kopicki

HM — Road May Rise Mark Mandeville

HM — Te Propongo Keith Rayburn


Gold — Broken Up Ava Anderson

Silver — Big on Your Bird Michael Horwitz

Finalist — Dino Song Janet Gillies and Mary Shapiro

Finalist — Positrons Marsha Goodman-Wood

HM — Baby Child Ross Martin


Gold — We Gotta Run Boys Phillip Beatty and Allen Kave

Silver — Coal Matt Rogers

Finalist — Let's Go Home Dan Kenny

Finalist — Nurs'in One John Langan and Chuck Smith

HM — Angeline Dan Kenny

HM — Just Give Me The Bottle Phillip Beatty and Allen Kave

HM — My Home in Caroline Rich Eilbert

HM — Paint Away Your Memory Tedd Swormstedt, Michaela Clarke and Steve Dean 

HM — Red Flag Cassie Urbany and Deborah Straszheim

HM — What You Needed Phillip Beatty and Allen Kave


Folk Acoustic

Gold — The Impossible Sky Stephen Coffee

Silver — Beautiful Kathleen Huber

Finalist — Between Heaven and the Ground Mike P. Ryan

Finalist — Carousel Ben Wayne

Finalist — Surprised Calista Garcia and Todd Wright

Finalist — Yellow Cardinal Laura Joy

HM — Deepest Roots Gabrielle Zwi

HM — Gospel of the Road Karen Jonas

HM — No Man's Land Karen Dahlstrom

HM — Reckless Helen Webb

HM — Some Goodbyes Mike Ryan

HM — Talking to a Stone Gene Mills

HM — Unfinished Symphony Bryan Russo

HM — You Need It Jomo Edwards


Gospel / Inspirational / Christian

Gold — Love Letter Emily Mitchell

Silver — Glory Bound David Morris and Dawn Kenney

Finalist — All Rivers Kathleen Huber

Finalist — Greater Joy Justin Sluiter

HM — A Breath Away Norm Saunders

HM — Carol of the Willing Carey Creed, Sylvia George and Mary Gordon Hall

HM — Our Days in Ordinary Time Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber

HM — Raise Up Your Head Keith Rayburn



Gold — Air of Autumn Jimmy Stewart

Silver — Herrington Harbour Crosby Cofod and Greg Michelsen

Finalist — Cherokee Lake Dustin Furlow

Finalist — Four and One Half Dave Hawley and Jim Bjork

HM — El's Kitchen Elly Wininger

HM — SenroniSakuhana YoYo Iki


Lyrics Only

Gold — Portrait Of The Artist With A Broken Heart David Morris, Gordon Roberts and Donate Gardner

Silver — The Crack Kerri Shore

Finalist — Return of the Mountain Angel Charles McCullough

Finalist — Solstice Greta Ehrig

HM — Brothers of the Wall James Mathews

HM — Foxlight Lisa Culp-Neikirk

HM — If Love Was Kerri Shore

HM — Ring the Church Bells if I Die James Mathews

HM — The Unraveling Kerri Shore

HM — Waltz Across The Kitchen With You Charles Ritenour

HM — When I Miss Mississippi Charles Ritenour



Gold — Too Much Crying Judy Kass, Glen Roethel and Amy Soucy

Silver — The Edge of America Cletus Kennelly

Finalist — Alice Stephen Coffee

Finalist — Love is Not Debra M. Gussin and Don Grady

HM — Carousel Kianna Steadman

HM — Chameleon Keith Rayburn

HM — Discontents Peter Maybarduk

HM — If We Come Too Late Heather Aubrey Lloyd

HM — Monkey Paw Jillian J. P. Matundan  

HM — Snake Janet Gillies

HM — Sorrow Inside Joy Ira Levin and Julia Bordenaro Levin

HM — Young Love Amia Korman



Gold — Awe and Wonder Emily Mitchell

Silver — Happy Evie Joy

Finalist — Better Together Ava Anderson and Stacy Lee Anderson

Finalist — Breathe Lauren Ashlaie

HM — After All Jessica Novak

HM — Castles in the Sky Ben Friedman

HM — Hold Onto My Pride Calista Garcia

HM — Hot On The Groove Zachary Lasko

HM — I Am Free Stacy Lee Anderson

HM — Ode To The Troll Zachary Lasko

HM — White Noise Machine Teghan Devon


R&B / Urban / HipHop

Gold — One Life to Live Dumi Right

Silver — Like Me Camille Denny

Finalist — Parachute Mo Safren

Finalist — Residuals Juadon Brown

HM — Dance Warrior D. Keith Rollins Jr. and Paul Mathis

HM — Deal On Keith Rayburn


Rock / Alternative

Gold — Muddy River Calista Garcia

Silver — Under My Wing John Langan and Chuck Smith

Finalist — Oh, Girl Sarah Fridrich

Finalist — Rosewater Hayley Fahey and Austin Bello

HM — Better Be Enough E. May

HM — Halfway to Chicago Mercedes Mill

HM — Ode To The Troll Zachary Lasko

HM — Renegade Caley Rose, Thomas J Pino, Carla Nirma Calderon, Luke Tozour, Robert Britton Lyons and Corky James


Vocal Jazz / Blues

Gold — Maniac Hannah Richardson

Silver — It Isn’t You-No Eres Tu Kathleen Huber, Valeria Stewart and Graciela Valdez

Finalist — Love's Dilemma April Webb and Randall Haywood

Finalist — Making Up For Lost Time Oren Levine

HM — Eres Mi Amor Valeria Stewart and Graciela Valdez

HM — Good Love Jacob Rubin

HM — Money's Gone Blues Jane Fallon

HM — She’s Gonna Get Even Steve Johnson

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