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presented by the Songwriters' Association of Washington

MASC 39 Awards

Grand prize:  Teghan Devon — Our Garden

2nd place: Tony Denikos — Purple Hearts

3rd place: Jim Johnson —  Continental Divide

Director's Award: Christie Chirinos — Empathy  

Young Artist: Ava Della Pietra

MASC 39 Category Awards
(HM = Honorable Mention)

Adult Contemporary

Gold Frozen Jillian Matundan                  

Silver Shot in the Dark (roll of the dice) Louis Cate                 

Finalist High Road Juliet Lloyd                

Finalist Moonrise — Karen Bridges and Clint Thomson     

Finalist Sun and Valley Christie Chirinos                      

Finalist Wait Madi Earl and Daniel Turley

HM Hallelujah Just in Case Karyn Oliver            

HM Maria Rick Landers                

HM Springtime in My Heart Will Diehl, Andrew Rollins and Anders Wihk

HM What Do I Do Chris Hardy



Gold Continental Divide Jim Johnson      

Silver Purple Hearts Tony Denikos

Finalist By and By Lynn Swisher Spears  

Finalist Digging for Gold Siena Hertafeld 

Finalist For the City Sean Magwire

Finalist Vagabond Wind Andrew Wolf      

HM I'll Keep the Bong Tim White  

HM Long Walk Home Rob Gould  

HM Yellow Flowers Valeria Stewart and Kevin Dudley


Gold All the Right Vehicles Chris Hardy and Katharine Hardy

Silver Where Did Papa Go? Bett Padgett

Finalist Absolutely Awesome Nicole Porter and Wyndham Garnett

Finalist Betsy’s Garden Lynn Swisher Spears    

Finalist Shadows Anna Dagmar    

HM Safe Island Nicole Porter and Wyndham Garnett

HM Skin Roderick Deacey  

HM Robots Don't Tell Jokes Kelli Caldwell   


Gold Shade of Blue Tedd Swormstedt and Victoria Banks         

Silver All I'm Hearing Is Goodbye Andrew Wolf and Elizabeth Wolf        

Finalist Can I Get an Amen Tedd Swormstedt, Brian White and Patrick Dodge

Finalist Let's Have Each Other For a While Miles Gannett                    

Finalist Powder Blue Allen Partlow          

Finalist The Leaving Lynn Swisher Spears                   

HM Go Through the Motions Lynn Swisher Spears  

HM Kleenexes    Michael "Max" McGee and Scott E. Miller            

HM Queens of Country  Tedd Swormstedt                             

HM Was There a Song? Paul Wolfe     


Folk Acoustic

Gold Our Garden Teghan Devon                  

Silver Down a Gravel Road Ron Fetner             

Finalist Fall in New England Jillian Matundan and Sue Horowitz      

Finalist Was There a Song? Paul Wolfe             

HM Angels Eric Ramsey     

HM Delta Shuttle Roy Gamse and Joseph DeNatale     

HM My Favorite Parts of You Kassie Wilson and Benjamin Wilson    

HM Shadows Anna Dagmar

HM You Taught Me a Lesson   Bryant Switzky   

HM You're Not My Dream Come True Paul Wolfe


Freedom Songs

Gold Sunflowers Will Diehl            

Silver America Domingos Muekalia Jr, Kavi Lybarger, and Natalie Filzen

Finalist Purple Mountains Eli Lev and Megan Leigh      

Finalist Rumpelstiltskin Anita Aysola and Dhanu Meleth         

Finalist This is My Somewhere Frank Martin                

HM America Anita Aysola and Dhanu Meleth     

HM Mommy, Don’t Let Them Take Me Away Roy Gamse and Shawnee Shaman      

HM The Journey Megan Fay and Nicolas Laget 

HM This American Life Denise Troy Paladino, Kristina Jean Gilbertie, and Kathleen Auburn



Gold Fill the Void Lynn Swisher Spears   

Silver Fighter Hannah Tramonte and Allan Licht

Finalist  Last Prayer  Kevin Whalen and Sandra Lyerly

Finalist Lay it All Down Art Wong  

Finalist When I Die Sherry Stewart

HM His Greatest Jeremy Doss and Drew Middleton

HM Just Up the Road David Scott Weaver

HM Mercy Anna Dagmar    

HM Redemption Road John Rimel



Gold Good Grief Jill Koshiol and Brandon Redmon       

Silver Like the Rain Sophia Golding                   

Finalist Go Get It Jay Uuu and Jireh Bey 

Finalist Grateful neonvid

Finalist Hey, Hey Luke Denver

Finalist You Lift Me Up Megan Fay, Cordelle Glass, and Nicolas Laget

HM Free Your Mind Michael C. Jennings and Charles C. Carter

HM My Wings of Love James McDowell            

HM While Black Roy Gamse and Jendog Lonewolf


Gold Goodbye to All That Matthew Holsen

Silver How Will I Know? Seth Kibel

Finalist ʻAuwai Dave "Kawika" Fiely

Finalist Mila's ay ay Eyes Michael Potts

Finalist Russian River Flow Michael Potts

HM Dante’s Groove Michael Jennings

HM Ko'olau Slack Dave "Kawika" Fiely

HM Nobody Lives There Anymore Matthew Holsen

HM Ophelia's Path Matthew Holsen

HM Rosemarie's Heart Michael Potts

Lyrics Only

Gold Revelation Blues Charles McCullough       

Silver Maybe Later Roderick Deacey       

Finalist Cheap as a Kiss Michael R. J. Roth and Eric Ramsey

Finalist He so Ergonomic Lynn Swisher Spears 

Finalist Was There a Song? Paul Wolfe  

HM Contradictions Victor Kittila     

HM Go Greta Ehrig  

HM Let’s Get Closer Allen Partlow

HM Putin Goes to School Roy Gamse     

HM Roses Are Dead Lindsay White



Gold The Cars in My Mind Jacob Rubin   

Silver I Wish I Knew You Chris Hardy      

Finalist Naked Makena Tate Shlens        

Finalist Oh Sierra Megan Leigh Burtner and Bryan Kotsher

Finalist Wildly Forgettable Susan Rowe   

HM Fall in New England Jillian Matundan and Sue Horowitz

HM Christmas Tonight Ava Della Pietra   

HM Mercy Anna Dagmar    

HM Rumble on the Mountain Arnold Brendan Osei


Gold All in My Head Alaina Pamela and Michael Kim-Sheng

Silver Shot in the Dark (Roll of the Dice) Louis Cate               

Finalist An Honest Man  — Adam Roberts

Finalist Dreamin' About You Katie Cone, Andrew Ripp, and Nick Schwarz

Finalist — Empathy — Christie Chirinos

Finalist Like the Rain Sophia Golding                

Finalist Sending Out Signals Aaron Lowenberger                   

HM Frozen Jillian Matundan                    

HM  Move On Madi Earl



Gold Open Road (Saver Tooth Llama) Louis Cate                 

Silver Shine Ryan Minton, Michael Dasher, and Steven Curtis Johnson

Finalist 2 Straws & a Chocolate Shake Louis Cate                 

Finalist Different Hues Eric Selby            

Finalist Wherever We Are Chris Hardy              

HM Burn This House Down Karen Bridges and Clint Thomson     

HM The Blind Lead the Blind Patrick Garrity                

HM Under His Eye Kirsten Hazler 

HM We’re Building Something New Here Robert Bullock        



Gold Ghost Light Juliet Lloyd                             

Silver Cahokia Winds Kevin Lucas                    

Finalist Holding On — Andrew Sanders, Kevin Toqe, and Hope Toqe

Finalist Thoughts and Prayers David Scott Weaver

Finalist We’re On Fire For Choice Lynne Revo Cohen

Finalist Who Cries for You David K. Chong                            

HM Loving the Astronomer Seanie Blue, Steve McCormick, Peter Fox and Sandra Bishop

HM Namaste Papi Seanie Blue, Helena Protopapas, Sandra Bishop, and Peter Fox

HM This American Life — Denise Troy Paladino, Kristina Jean Gilbertie, and Kathleen Auburn

Best Comedy Cryptobro Louisa Hall and Annie Nardolilli                    

Best Animation Hey Pluto Marsha Goodman-Wood                           

Best Story True Believer Alan Xtra, Tungsten Lungs, and Moxie Grim

Vocal Jazz/Blues

Gold Robert Johnson in 1972 Seth Kibel 

Silver Key Lime Pie Mike Frankē and Larry Sakayama

Finalist Are You Out of Your Mind? Oren Levine

Finalist Dying Man's Blues Jim Johnson  

Finalist Gershwin's 7th Symphony Seth Kibel    

Finalist Lena and Sara Jon S. Patton      

HM Doing John Peiffer       

HM It Must Be Me Matthew D. Banks      

HM It Won't Take Words Anna Dagmar   

HM The Workhouse HM — Karl Stoll

HM Wednesday’s Blue Lynn Swisher Spears and Wendy Lee Shadburn

HM You're So Cool! Elizabeth Stone


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