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More She in the Monitor: Sound in Live Performance Workshop

  • 05/20/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • online


  • Zoom link will be emailed to participants.

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More She in the Monitor

What music production, in the studio and on stage, needs is “sound women.” SAW presents two online workshops celebrating women in sound, that aim to give you good information about how to work with a sound engineer and about the unique advantages to a more feminine perspective. 

Diversity in music has come a long way on stage, but off stage it’s a different picture. Our new “More She in the Monitor” workshops look at sound and sound engineering from a woman’s perspective and approach, featuring professional studio engineers and live sound women as special guests. Women sound engineers can bring a different sensibility and sensitivity and collaborative style that can be beneficial to all musicians. But mostly this is about good sound techniques and practices that work regardless of gender. We encourage men to join these sessions too to find out how their process can be improved and enhanced. 

Sound in live performance workshop (Thursday May 20, 7 pm): Just because it sounds good to you on stage doesn’t mean it sounds good to your audience (or couldn’t sound better). Learn about the many factors that affect live sound and what you can do to prepare and ensure your set reflects the quality of your music. Listen and learn from a panel of expert audio engineers as they share fun and interesting stories, dos and don’ts, useful tips, and guidance on how to best relay your sound requirements in a live performance setting. Learn how to better understand what you can control about your sound, and how and why you should enlist professionals to help.


Alyasia Turner is a freelance sound engineer and musician, currently based in Atlanta. Her work consists of running FOH for local Atlanta artists, teaching flute lessons, and audio post-production. Alyasia’s goals are to contiune education and training for women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ in STEM fields. Alyasia is SoundGirls Atlanta Chapter Director and monthly writer for Soundgirls.org. Her articles have also been featured on TheatreArtLife. Alyasia is alumni of Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Recording Arts. Her love of music and science fuels her passion and creativity in the audio industry.

Rebecca Wilson is an Audio engineer veteran, working in live sound for over 25 years. Touring solely as a monitor engineer, she has worked for Fishbone, Nanci Griffith, Wilco, the Bangles, and more. Currently, she works for TED Talks and lives in Brooklyn.

Lisa Marsh runs sound in small venues with local bands. Her niche is guiding both recreational and experienced players toward a “less is more” approach, which improves stage sound and puts vocals on top. Lisa also works on sound teams for larger venues and festivals. Before Covid, she ran a popular open mic. She is often tapped to “fix” sound when off duty; perhaps that’s why one local artist wrote a song about her: “Lady of Sound.” She has played guitar since she was a kid, writes lyrics and music, and plays locally.

Audrey Martinovich is the Co-owner of Audio for the Arts, Wisconsin-based recording studio specializing in acoustic music, Audrey Martinovich is a trusted engineer and producer for artists in the Midwest and beyond. She became the first female contributor to Pro Tools Expert in 2017, and a year later, was a finalist to receive the award for Breakthrough Studio Engineer from Pro Sound Europe. She has spoken and been on panels at Between the Waves Music Conferences, Empowering Women in Audio Clinics, and E-Women’s Network. Audrey is a Warm Audio artist, member of SoundGirls, AES, and a voting member of the Recording Academy. 

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