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Songwriters Performing or Recording Songs of Other Songwriters

SPRSOS (pronounced espressos) is an Honorary Society within SAW in which membership cannot be bought, only awarded to a SAW member who performs a song (in public, recorded, or video-recorded) written by another SAW member. 

The purpose of Espressos is to encourage songwriters, celebrate their work, and strengthen the bonds of friendship within the SAW community. 

After all, what a songwriter wants most (other than a #1 hit) is to hear their songs performed by others. Why not pay it forward? Record your contribution and send a link or file to Paige Powell.

Hearts Wide Open

6/24/17 Paige Powell performs Michael Roth's folk classic.

Wash Away 

6/24/17 Paige Powell performs Jim Thorne's country ballad, including a nod to Johnny Cash. 

Castle of Thorns

6/24/17 In our first ESPRESSOS contribution, Paige Powell performs Steve Coffee's nostalgic ballad.

Got songs you think are worthy of some love? Provide links here?


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