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Online Critiques/Workshops

09/07/2016 2:39 PM | Colin O'Brien

Hello folks,

I just joined SAW and was wondering if there were opportunities for 'virtual' song critique sessions (workshops).  I am preparing my submission for the song contest and it would be great to share my work with other writers beforehand to get feedback.  I'd love to attend an in-person session, but online could work well too.  Feel free to post if you know of, or are interested in something like this.  Thanks!



  • 09/24/2016 5:42 PM | Anonymous
    My group Washington Songwriters Circle (on meetup.com) meets monthly 1st Saturdays in DC. Also, see saw.org > Event Calendar > Workshops and Critiques > Songwriters Toolbox Session (4th Sats). Contest deadline is too soon for WSC, too late for Toolbox. i'm not free to give you personal feedback before deadline, but maybe someone will kindly offer.
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    • 10/05/2016 3:11 PM | Colin O'Brien
      Thanks so much for your response - I am going to check out the Songwriters Circle and hope to make it soon. Take care!
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