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31st Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 

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Meet the 2014-2015 SAW 
Executive Committee (EXCOM)

President - Rob Veale

Vice President for Showcases, Open-Mics - Ron Goad

Vice President for IT and Communications - Stephen Coffee

Secretary - Amy Lowenstein

Treasurer - Ben Winters

General Counsel - Bill Mulroney

EXCOM Members at Large -
Caron Dale
Larry Mediate
Les Hatley

Wow! A New Web Site!

Yes, at long last, SAW has a new and (we hope you'll agree) dramatically improved web site. But that's just the surface of the changes going on around SAW...

New Membership Regime!

Membership management is also online. If you are a current SAW member, log in now. (You can use "Forgot password" to get started if this is your first time logging in to the site.) 

New News Formats

The venerable SAW Notes is also joining the modern age. Once a printed newsletter, and for the last few years sent as a PDF link, the SAW Notes has become a blog. This format should allow SAW to produce more timely information and free us of restrictions on photos and other media. You'll find the Notes in the top menu.

The second half of this story is that SAW members will now receive a new weekly email newsletter, the BUZZ. The BUZZ will be short and to the point, with pointers to top news and blog articles and summarizing upcoming events.


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SAW members are part of a dynamic community of almost 500 members, encompassing songwriters of all skill levels, lyricists, composers, musicians, recording technicians and music industry professionals.


SAW offers a range of performance opportunities, including showcases and open mikes at several locations in the Washington metro area. These are great places to gain performance experience, test new material, gain greater exposure, meet other songwriters, find collaborators, and/or just hang out and hear some good music!

SAW Membership Directory

SAW's Membership Directory, available online exclusively to members, can be a valuable tool. Along with your contact information, you can let others know what you do or what you are looking for (Examples include: I teach guitar; looking for collaborators, lyricist seeking melodies, etc).


Excellent workshops and seminars featuring guest songwriters, musicians, producers, and other music industry professionals help its members hone and polish their songwriting and performance skills and learn about the business of songwriting. Critique sessions offer a friendly, supportive environment for peer feedback and the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how other songwriters approach their craft.

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